Thursday, June 24, 2010

Be Still

Psalm 46:10 - "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the Earth."

Steven taught the Men's Class on Tuesday and BTW - there are all kinds of "cool" but seeing your son who is a young man teach is really cool. He did a great job in facilitating discussion and had great timing with his humor. Sorry, I'm bragging now.

Any way, his class was on being still before God. Does anyone else beside me find that difficult? As the kids say, "I'm not going to lie," I'm a worrier, a planner, and a frustrated logistical planner. I find it hard at times to turn my brain (I'm sure some of you wonder if it's ever on) off, be still, pray, and listen to God. In education its popular to say that we're preparing life long problem solvers. Trouble is as we all know, there are some problems that we cannot solve. Its at those times as Phillip Yancey said in his book on prayer, that we pray so that we can include the mysterious in our lives.

That requires us being still and knowing that God is the Lord of this Earth and our lives. Its something I'm working on as we speak.
On the last day of Trek two years ago, we were directed to find a spot away from everyone and be alone with God in His creation for three hours. This was my view from my spot. When I think about being still before God this is the image that comes to my mind.

This is the rock that I used as both a pillow and a seat. You can see my Bible, a pair of glasses, my day pack, and my water bottle. There are times when I want to run back to that spot.

sounds ya got the right to brag!

that was a very cool view ya had!
Jel - good to see you again. I had that spot picked out when we first arrived at "High Camp" which was around 12,000ft. I get dizzy thinking about it. :)
It's okay to brag when it comes to Steven!! :) I, too, have a lot of trouble being still. Even though Yancey's book helped me a great deal, I still have some trouble with the difference in 1) approaching Him confidently and honestly and 2) giving him a list of problems and telling Him how I want Him to handle them!
Sorry I'm late chiming in here on this post, Cecil. We've been extremely busy and I've been out of town a lot - including right now.

I'm in Dallas visiting my daughter.

I've always been an introspective being, so being still and quiet is easy for me, left to my own schedule, and not that of family or others.

I find it very compelling to sit and be still before God and that sustains me greatly through all of the hard times that come, including right now in my life.

Thanks for reminding us all how important it is. Being on the road so much lately, I'm finding the best time I have to be still and "be" with God is after I've gone to bed and all is quiet around me.

YOUR spot in the high mountains looks wonderful, though, and I'm glad you had that time - AND took the picture of "your" place!!

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